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Bringing the Science of Participation to Healthcare

Countable's expertise in the dynamics of community engagement bridges the gap in trust between HCPs and patients, accelerating the transition to Patient-Centricity.

Healthcare providers face a trust problem


of clinical trials fail due to lack of trust.


fewer COVID cases globally could have resulted from more community engagement.


of US consumers are unwilling to share blinded data with organizations conducting health care research.

A Platform for Patient Trust

The Countable Solution is inherently patient-centric by being privacy-first and customizable by default. All activity enables HCPs to better serve and learn from their patient communities.


The Countable Patient Engagement Platform Drives:

Newsfeed-iconIncreased Engagement

Countable's platform + experience in community building helps you create an engagement ladder to deliver greater patient outcomes. Whether it's adherence to a trial or guarding against misinformation, conversations create a more patient-centric experience.


91% of patients say that online communities play an extremely important role in their health decisions. Countable knows how to move audiences from observers to active community members.

user-icon Patient Privacy & Safety

First-party data capture and extensive usage analytics provide HCPs the ability to enhance patient experience.

patient engagement platform

Powering Impactful Communities

First Responders First | Resource Hub
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Healthcare Resource Hub

Making Mental Health Accessible to First Responders

First Responders First wanted to distribute resources to first responders nationwide. A Resource Hub made it so first responders could find everything they needed to address their mental health in one place.

Fast, efficient, and led by experts in the content building phase, we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

A Platform to Inform, Engage, & Activate


Fully Branded

Countable's white-label platform is designed to fit seamlessly into your current digital presence.

Action Content

Action-Oriented Feeds

A customizable hub allows you to display content how it's meant to be seen, so your most important news always stays at the forefront and drives critical action.


Gamify Action-taking

Reward member actions with built-in points, badges, and a leaderboard system. Members can show off their commitment to their community.


Detailed Analytics

Real-time analytics keep you up to date with every aspect of your community, from site engagement, to content reports, to platform performance.